Magnetic Neck Brace Pad approx 50cm length


Magnetic Neck Brace for Quick and Easy Muscle Relief 

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Magnetic Neck Brace for Pain Relief

I love this enck pad, i take it with me most places when I am out & about, and  use as needed.  I love the portablility of being able to use quickly to relive and tension and muscle aches.    Size: neck pad approx 50cm

How to use :
1. Use wet cloth to wipe the heat part of neck massager before you wear them on.
You will feel obvious heating on the neck after about 15-30 minutes. It takes longer time if you
do not make the heating parts wet.
2. It’s a re-usable product which can be used for very long time.
3. Wash by hand if needed, but use no soap, rinse with water only adn sun dry
4. Sometimes you may feel very hot, this is a normal phenomenon when you first use this product. Just remove the neck massager and then reapply when you feel you wish to resume.
If needed use 2-3 times every day and 3 hours each time is more beneficial to your health.

1. Heat sensitive materials take up 18%
2. Nano bamboo charcoal materials take up 10%
Bamboo charcoal materials can launch far infrared ray, which can permeate blood vessel; stimulate
the acupuncture points of the body; improve the function of body organs.
3. Tourmaline takes up 8%
The neck brace will produce a permanent weak electric currency (about 0.06mA). This is similar to electric currency
that exists in the human nervous system. This electric currency is able to stimulate the blood circulation
4. High purity germanium powder takes up 5%

Its impacts on human body: overcome fatigue; prevent anemia; improve the metabolism etc.
These neck braces are use for self healing and relief, and relaxation
5. Permanent biological acupuncture magnets

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