Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant (2000/3000 Ions)



Quantum Pendant (2000/3000 Ions)

Want to Protect yourself and your family from the many electromagnetic fields from mobile phones and lap tops and general household appliances? The Answer – Quantum Negative Ion Pendant.

Did you know, laptops and mobile phones and other general and house hold electronic devices all omit Electro Magnetic radiation impulses each and every day and research shows these impulses mess with the human body. One of the ways to protect the cells in our body is by either wearing or having on our person, products containing negative ions. The Quantum Pendant can be either worn as a jewellery accessory or placed in your pocket for day to day protection. Do your children use a laptop at school or maybe carry a mobile phone, in their pocket at school, if so then they may be at risk within their classroom of exposure to harmful radiation while they are in the classroom at school.

We stock several different efficiency levels within the Negative Ion pendant range. Generally for the healthy person day to day wearing, including children, the 2000/3000 Ion Pendant is sufficient, which is the Pendant on this page.

Extra Bonus for Month of November / December to welcome the coming 2018 New Year.  With each Purchase of a Quantam 2000/3000 Pendant, you will receive a bonus general 2000/3000 Quantum Pendant with retail value $35. ~ so basically buy one ~ get one FREE.

Should you be an unwell person or maybe someone who exercises regularly, then you may wish to consider the 5000/6000 Pendant.  For those customers who understand Negative Ion frequency capabilities and wish to protect their body the highest degree we suggest the Far InfaRed 2000/3000 Pendant.

Each pendant is supplied in a small box, and you will note the Pendant is threaded to an expandable leather necklace. There will also be a plastic card in the box. This card is not common card; it is also a Nano energy card which will also assist to improve your health & well being, you can place this Nano card in your wallet or in your pocket. Each Quantum Pendant has a unique serial number imbedded into the back of the pendant. When you purchase a Quantum Pendant, we will provide you with the web site where you can register your Quantum Pendant so as you can be confident that you have purchase an authentic and genuine Pendant.

The Quantum Pendant is infused with Special Japanese Volcanic Lava containing over 70 natural minerals, processed under extreme temperatures before it is coagulated to form bio ceramics under low temperature treatment. This Quantum Pendant conserves its Natural cosmic energy through its highly permeable and synergetic properties. Inwardly it biologically improves, and outwardly, it enhances the bio-electric field of body.

Benefits of Scalar Energy:

Improve cell energy to 70-90 mv, relieve fatigue, fatigue and muscle inflexibility
Strengthen the Hydrogen bond energy between DNA, it will protect DNA cells from damage, and assist prevention.
Improve penetrability of cell wall; promote the cell ability of deriving nutrients.
Improve our detox system
Refine blood, improve blood state and help adjust blood pressure
Strengthen immunity system
Promote our concentrating attention; keep mind clear and good eyesight
Eliminate the negative effects of man-made frequency in body (60 cps)
BENEFITS of Quantum Pendant

Promotes un clumping of cells
Enhances immune and endocrine systems
Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria
Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification
Enhances cellular permeability
Reduces inflammation
Increases energy
Strengthens the bodies bio-field preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting ones health
Helps to protect DNA from damage
Helps to retard the aging process
Helps to fight cancer cells
Increases focus and concentration
How to Use Quantum Pendant?
Wear Quantum Pendant over the neck, or place it directly on the affected body parts (e. G. Knee, back, shoulder, ankle, etc.) to relieve stiffness or soreness.

Place it over the forehead for headache and relaxation

Place it over the abdomen for stomach ache and period pain Quantum Pendant turns the water in your body into healthy, energized, small-clustered water!

Quantum Pendant does more than just break down the water molecules and energizing your drinking water.

When you wear it, it keeps the water in your body grouped into small cell-penetrating clusters. These tiny clusters of water easily pass through cell membranes, carrying nutrients & oxygen into our cells, and waste & toxins out. This easy passage of water into and out of our cells is what keeps the cells clean, young and healthy.
Other Uses:

Use water energized with Quantum Pendant for washing your face to improve your complexion
Place it underneath your skin care bottles to improve their absorption and efficacy
Wear it as a necklace or carry it in your pocket, the pendant will then disburse an energy which will commence to benefit your body. Through optimizing your bio-magnetic field, heightening penetrability of cells, you will find the physical functions of body cells will commence to improve.
Leave it in the refrigerator to keep your food fresher longer
Place the pendant under your pillow while you sleep
Test and try out your own tests to experience how Quantum Pendant is able to improve your flexibility, increase your strength and enhance your balance!
Note: It is advised you do NOT sleep with the pendant around your neck at night time.
Note: You don’t have to wear the pendant to experience the benefits; you can also place the pendant in your pocket to gain the same benefits.
Negative ion:

Negative Ions promote a better metabolism within the body.
Negative Ions improves the body’s immune system, giving the body greater ability to fight off a host of illnesses, and diseases.
Negative Ions enhance the body’s ability to function, assisting the vital organs so that they may more effectively do their jobs.
Negative Ions adjust to the body’s muscle function to create a better balance in the body.
Strengthen brain function and mental focus, improving spirit.Helpful for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and high blood pressure in recovering more quickly, by alleviating vessel convulsion spasms and normalizing blood pressure.
Prolong clotting time; oxygenate the blood, increasing blood oxygen transport and absorption.
Improve lung volume strengthening pulmonary functions.
Who should wear a Negative Ion product?

If you have to use a computer or a cell phone for a long period of time
If you have to keep focused on your work for a long period of time
If your job requires you to stand or do laborious work for a long time and if you are a person who
always has cold hands and cold feet
If you have problems such as tense nerves, poor blood circulation, or stiffness and shoulder and neckpains.
If you are weakly resistant to illnesses and catch colds easily.
If you have a stressful life style and want to relax and regain your energy.
If you have an irregular life style and are often sleepless.
If you are someone who love their sports and or wishes to increase your level of sport fitness.


Reduce muscle tension and increase flexibility – Injury prevention
Reduce fatigue and tension and thus enhance the ability to perform at optimum level
Improve blood circulation
Alleviate Discomfort and improve sleep
Medical Benefits.

Strengthen the Natural healing Power, enhance immune function, improve the
General Physical, Anti-aging, Cancer Prevention, Inhibit and eliminate
Tumour, Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic, Anti-Virus, treatment of disease such as Respiratory diseases like Asthma, regulation of Blood Pressure, Reduce blood
Viscosity, regulation of endocrine, excludes Toxins from the body
The pendant is worn on an expandable leather necklace, which means you can wear the necklace long or short. If you wish to purchase a Quantum Pendant for your student, please note: some Schools have rules were Students are not able to wear Jewellery, in this instance, we suggest the student would carry the pendant in their pocket each and every day. Remember these pendants are not play toys, their purpose is to protect the cells in your body.

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