Ouch Pain Relief Tube 35g


Ouch Pain Relief Tube 35g  – Such a handy Tube to take with you out and about, place in your sports bag, or great if you want to gift Ouch to a friend.  Ouch is also available in 110g Tub and 75ml Roll on   

This formulated product has a combination of herbal extracts and essential oils, with the added bonus of 17% pharmaceutical grade Magnesium Chloride and Moringa Oil. Active Ingredients equivalent per gram:
• Magnesium chloride 170mg
• Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil 28.5 mg
• Hypericum Perforatum 5mg
• Eucalyptus Oil 10 mg
• Peppermint Oil 10 mg
• Wintergreen Oil 12.5 mg
• Dry Arnica Montana 5mg
• Commiphora myrrha Fresh 2.mg


Ouch Pain Relief Cream – now available in 35g Tube

The Tube is fabulous, as its 35g, easy to place in your sports bag or hand bag, and great to take with you when travelling.

Product Standard Indications
· May assist in the management of soft tissue trauma.
· May assist in the management of tension headache.
· For the symptomatic relief of tension headache.
· Temporary relief of migraine headache.
· Temporary relief of neuralgic headache.
· Temporary relief of headaches.
· For the symptomatic relief of sprains.
· For the symptomatic relief of soft tissue trauma.
· Relief of muscular aches and pains.
· May assist in the management of sprains.
· Temporary relief of the pain of rheumatism. [or] Temporary relief of rheumatic pain.
· Symptomatic relief or rheumatism.
· May assist in the management of rheumatism.
· May assist in the management of minor wounds (cuts, scratches, abrasions)

Product Specific Indications
· Magnesium salt baths are traditionally used to help relieve pain of cramps, sprains and muscular
· May help to relieve joint pain. Helps in relieving stiffness, swelling, Assist with healing and repair of
sporting and other injuries including bruises, muscular aches and pains

As a topical counterirritant for management of pain and inflammation resulting from sporting and minor
injuries and accidents, including bruises. Rubefacient, may assist local circulation, May assist
peripheral circulation. Counter-irritant, soothing. Astringent, soothing, calming. Topical Pain relief,
Topical analgesic effect. Topical anti-inflammatory, analgesic cream for the temporary relief
· Contains preservative phenoxyethanol

• If symptoms persist contact your Healthcare Practitioner

AUST L 275698






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