Anion Negative Ion Sanitary Pads ~ Panty Liners


Negative Ion Anion Women’s Sanitary Pads with the Negative Ion Strip

Anion Pads are Safe and Healthy for the Body and Super Comfortable. 

(Available in 3 varieties:  Day ~ Night ~ Panty)

This listing is for 1 Packet Panty Liners containing 30 Pads


Anion Negative Ion Sanitary Pads  ~ Panty Liner’s

Each pad has the fabulous Anion Strip. This strip contain the Anion Negative Ion secret to well being. The Night pads are slightly thicker than the day pads, some ladies find they need to use a few of these per month & then are happy to use the day pads for the balance of the days.

The Negative Ion Anion pad negative ion strip is activated when worn by the moisture within the body, this pad will have no adour, will hold over 50 mls of liquid, and will not leak if applied correctly to the panties. The Anion strip will also kill any bacteria in its path, another remarkable wonderful attribute to the Negative Ion Anion strip.
Due to the amazing attributes of the Anion Pad, most women will only use one pad per day, as there is no need to change, no odour, no leakage, and no bacteria.

There are 30 pads in one packet, that is 1 pad per day for 1 month for $10 per month – why not trial a packet & see & feel the difference to your health and healing that Anion Negative Ion Pads bring.
The Anion Panty liners also have many other uses. An important note to keep in mind,  is to think outside the square, what else can I use these amazing pads for that will kill any bacteria present – the list is endless. eg.   If you have surgery and have an infection on an opening,  if you cut your finger, or graze your skin from a fall.  If you have a cold or flu and a congested chest, place 2 panty liners across your chest, or across your nose, to clear the congestion in your nasal passages and sinus.  (it looks a bit weird but works great)

30 pads per packet.

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 11 x 7 x 6 cm

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