Postage and Packing

I Want Well Being attempts to use recycled packaging where able, we also try and reduce your shipping cost where possible and package in Australia Post satchels where suitable, and we dont charge for packing consumables.

Since 2014, to reward our loyal customers, we have had a flat $10 postage rate on all parcel up to 3kg . This means that I Want Well Being, will pay the difference on the shipping for whatever the cost is over $10.  Sometimes I find it is even cheaper to post the parcel express, as postage seems to be for ever increasing

Should your order be of an urgent nature please advise, but I do usually attempt to post my parcels either same day ordered, or the next business day.

We attempt to visit the post office for postage runs each day, approx mid afternoon, however on occasions there may be delays out of our control, and your order may be sent the next working day.

Aust Post mail collection is Mon to Thurs if posted by 5pm.  Mail posted on Friday is collected by Aust post but experience shows, the parcel does not leave the Nambour Mail Centre until Sunday night sorting.

Parcels in general will take between 2 to 5 days for delivery, depending on the day of the week posted and the receivers address location.   Keep in mind that if you live in a country location, your local mail delivery location may also delay the delivery of your parcel

If you have an international mailing address, please contact us for shipping quotation pricing to your location ~ the $10 flat shipping rate does not apply to International Orders.


Our Customers can order direct on via line this web site or you can email iwantwellbeing@gmail.com   or you can phone Cindy direct on 0402 206602 to place your order. 

Or if you live on Sunshine Coast, Qld, or are visiting the Sunshine Coast area, you are welcome to phone me to arrange local pick up.

If ordering on line, payment is made via the web site which will direct you to make payment via paypal web site.

Should you wish to make payment via a direct bank deposit, please either email Cindy at  iwantwellbeing@gmail.com  or phone 0402 206602 and I will advise my direct bank deposit details.  I bank Commonwealth Bank, and if you bank CBA then funds will show immediately in my bank account.  However, if you bank with an alternative bank, please request at time of your bank deposit a receipt be emailed to my email address, as I will need confirmation that the funds are deposited prior to posting the parcel.

Note: Customers are eligible for FREE SHIPPING on all purchases of Bulk Packets of Wearable Vitamin Patches.  The Bulk packets are listed in lots of 3.  You can purchase either 3 mixed varieties, or 3 of the same Wearable Patch.  To Obtain FREE SHIPPING on bulk packets of Wearable Patches customers will need to input patch16 into the coupon code section at check out.  Should you order other product, then Shipping will be payable on your order.  FREE SHIPPING is only available for Wearable Patches


The team at I Want Well Being offer information and opinions and research in regards to various products that we promote at our Events and on our Web Site. We encourage our customers and visitors to research products and obtain various professional medical opinions and advice from their own preferred Medical Physician to ensure whether a product or protocol is suitable for their own personal continued health and wellness care, especially if they are not familiar with the product name or have not previously used this product.

We outline the products promoted at iwantwellbeing.com are not at any time a substitute for professional Medical prevention, diagnosis or treatment. Please always consult with your Medical Physician or health care provider before taking any of the suggested remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by our team. We outline it is each individuals responsibility to ensure adequate research and care is taken to obtain the best advice from their trusted health care provider or personal Physician so as they are able to make an informed decision on the advice to confirm what is safe and effective for their own unique needs and diagnose in relation to their own personal medical history.

NOTE: Only each individual can determine if something is helping your own personal health and wellbeing. If you do not feel well on a supposed beneficial product that you have purchased, no matter who has recommended it, listen to your own body and inner being, and stop taking it!       Having the inner knowing and confidence to know when to NOT take something is a big part of taking responsibility for your own health journey.

$10 Flat Rate Shipping (under 3kg)