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The Health and Well Being of ourselves, our family and friends and clients is always first and foremost on our mind. We find every week, there is always something new to the market that promises to maintain our Wellness and Longevity. For quite a number of years, we were regular stall holders at various local Sunshine Coast markets & major Festivals and Events in South East Queensland. However in mid 2013, we decided to cease our regular Saturday markets and focus more on showcasing our Health and Well being products at our regular yearly Festivals and Events in South East Queensland. In doing so, this enabled us to attend more 3/4 day events with our Well Being, and add more of a personal focus and support to our wonderful client base.

I Want Well Being, has a vision to create a community where we are able to support our client base with their health journey, and interact and chat about current and new exciting and fabulous resources and products that we have found to have assisted our family on the journey to wellness.

What Products We Offer

    • Transdermal Magnesium Products -Oil:Flakes:Lotion:Moisteriser
      • Magnesium Oil 125ml & 250ml
      • Magnesium Oil Roll On 75ml
      • Magnesium Silver Bullet Oil 125ml
      • Magnesium Spritz Oil 125ml & 250ml
      • Magnesium Bath Flakes 1kg & 2kg
      • Magnesium Cream – Herbal 400g Tub & 100g Tube
      • Magnesium Cream – Zest 400g Tub & 100g Tube
      • Magnesium Cream – Island Spice 400g Tub & 100g Tube
      • Magnesium, Coconut, Moringa Body Lotion 250g
        • Pain Relief
          • Ouch Pain Relief Cream – Jar 100g & Roll On 75ml – a local Queensland Magnesium based cream
            • Oral Products
              • Nano Magnesium Oral Spray
              • Nano Zinc Oral Drops
              • Nano Potassium Oral Drops
                • Other Products
                  • Anion Womens Sanitary Pads- Day-Night-Panty
                  • Essential Oil Pendant Diffuser Necklace
                  • Iodine
                  • Iyashi Zero Frequency Wands
                  • Magaderm Cream for Itchy skin
                  • MSM – Organic Sulfur 250g & 500g & 1kg
                  • Miracle II range of products – Soap-Neutraliser Gel & Liquid & Moisteriser
                  • Quantum Negative Ion Pendants & Bracelets & Waist Belts
                  • Neem Kennel Wash
                  • Neem Pet Soap
                  • Neem Outdoor Insect Roll On
                  • Neem Cranberry Lip Balm
                  • plus much more


The team at I Want Well Being offer information and opinions and research in regards to various products that we promote at our Events and on our Web Site. We encourage our customers and visitors to research products and obtain various professional medical opinions and advice from their own preferred Medical Physician to ensure whether a product or protocol is suitable for their own personal continued health and wellness care, especially if they are not familiar with the product name or have not previously used this product.

We outline the products promoted at iwantwellbeing.com are not at any time a substitute for professional Medical prevention, diagnosis or treatment. Please always consult with your Medical Physician or health care provider before taking any of the suggested remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by our team. We outline it is each individuals responsibility to ensure adequate research and care is taken to obtain the best advice from their trusted health care provider or personal Physician so as they are able to make an informed decision on the advice to confirm what is safe and effective for their own unique needs and diagnose in relation to their own personal medical history.

NOTE: Only each individual can determine if something is helping your own personal health and well being. If you do not feel well on a supposed beneficial product that you have purchased, no matter who has recommended it, listen to your own body and inner being, and stop taking it! Having the inner knowing and confidence to know when to NOT take something is a big part of taking responsibility for your own health journey.

If you would like to chat to us personally please use the contact tab, advise your phone number, and I will contact you shortly.

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